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If you're new to Max Muscle Nutrition of Westminster or have just started out and using a couple key products, this is a great place to start.  Below is a quick review of our most popular supplements, some of which you may have yet to be introduced to.  Each product links to a detailed data sheet for those looking for more technical info and research references.  Enjoy and remember our two ongoing in store specials, Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off with a limit of one protein or 4th Product Free with no restrictions on protein.  Some 3rd party product lines may not be included in this special so inquire on your next visit.  As always, hit any "contact us" button with an immediate question or call the store at (720) 242 - 8860.  Last, remember we have options for delivery in the area and ship to those outside our immediate vicinity.


We look forward to earning your business.

Max Muscle Westminster Team


Pure Whey Protein Blend:

MaxPro Elite has been our best selling protein for over 20 years for several reasons.  For starters, it's a pure protein with 30 grams of protein in a scoop that's just 35g!  Most flavors are zero sugar.  MaxPro is also made up of 4 types of whey protein starting with isolate and ending with casein making it time released for long digestion.  All this makes it a versatile option for snacks between meals, post workout, turn it into a meal replacement or even cook with it.  Also, because it's long digesting and zero sugar, it's a perfect option to curve a nighttime craving.  Comes in 16 flavor and 2 sizes, 26 or 52 servings.   




Testosterone Booster:

2TX has been our leading all natural testosterone amplifier for over 10 years.  With two key trademarked ingredients, Testofen and Testafuranol, you're not only elevating overall test levels, you're doubling free testosterone which is only 2% of the total and key for protein synthesis, fat burning, and muscle building.  This combined with an estrogen blocking blend, you'll experience the many benefits of higher testosterone levels in days, not weeks and months. 




Anabolic Recovery Matrix:

Max ARM is an all inclusive post workout recovery shake designed for longer or more intense workouts or  if simply feeling more run down from ongoing training.  It's a combination of several products to maximize recovery from those "tough" training sessions for even better future performance.  Key ingredients include 28 grams of protein, Max Pro BCAA's, the patented creatine blend CX3, a long list of vitamins and minerals, electrolytes and high in carbs to replace glycogen in muscles for repair.  Use it once and you'll understand.  Comes in 9 flavors.  



Vit-Acell Multi Vitamin

Liquid Multi Vitamin for Maximum Absorption:

Cold and flu season has never been easier.  Vit-acell is a multi vitamin for the whole family.  In liquid form, absorption is near 100% compared to approximately 10% in capsule form.  Vit-acell has zero sugar, a long list of key vitamins and minerals, glucosamine for joint support, tastes great, and you get it all in just an ounce a day.  Comes in 5 flavors including citrus blast, raspberry lemonade, chocolate strawberry, pina colada, and citrus breeze which is naturally sweetened with 1g of  sugar.  




Mass Building, Non Stimulate Pre/Post Supplement:

MaxxTOR is a one of a kind pre/post non stimulate supplement specifically designed for mass building.  In an 8 week test study, those using MaxxTOR experienced lean mass gains that were 200% greater than those using a placebo.  Driven by Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid (PA), one of the most powerful molecular activators for protein synthesis, those using MaxxTOR experience gains in lean mass, strength, and improved overall body composition.




Weight Loss, Energy, Appetite Suppression:

Emerge is our most popular supplement in the weight loss category if you're ok with stimulate.  It's high fiber, low sugar, includes a host of active weight loss ingredients including the patented Advantra Z for boosting metabolism and 300mg of caffeine.  If more sensitive to caffeine, start with a half scoop or mix with more water.  This is simply one of your drinks during the day and is recommended not for use after 3PM.  Also, while not designed as a pre-workout, some will use as such if they have no issues with fiber. Comes in 16 amazing flavor!


FBX 2.0

Pre Workout:

FBX 2.0 is an all inclusive pre-workout supplement including 3 patented key ingredients.  Creapure is considered the best form of creatine in the industry.  It improves strength as well as providing faster recovery between sets for an overall better workout.  Carnosyn Beta Alanine buffers lactic acid allowing you to work out harder and longer.  Agmass is the patented form of agmatine sulfate and increases blood flow for energy, strength and muscle pump.  Also includes B vitamins, electrolytes, 500mg of glutamine to protect muscles, and 176mg of caffeine.   Great for cardio or lifting.  ZERO sugar and comes in 5 great flavors.


Cleanse & Lean

Full Body Cleanse:

Cleanse & Lean is the #1 selling Max Muscle product and is a full body cleanse.  Cleansing is good to do quarterly or when starting a weight loss journey.  Many will also use the product when returning from a vacation and needing to get back on track.  C&L is typically used for 3 - 7 days at a time.  It includes a water shed blend along with a full on cleanse blend to flush out the toxins that build up in our system over time.  This is a great product for those who suffer from bloating and irregularity.  First day is a tolerance test starting with one capsule and another 8 - 12 hours later.  You may increase to 2 capsules two times starting day 2.  If trying for the first time, it's best to start this product on a weekend to gain understanding for how your body responds.



Anti Aging Liquid Collagen Protein:

Skulpt is truly an anti aging supplement.  If you think of amino acids being the bricks of our makeup, collagen is the cement.  It's the main structural protein in the body, the glue that holds us together and as we age, our bodies lose the ability to make collagen at about 1% per year starting in our 20's.  Collagen is key for our skin, hair, nails, joints, organs and connective tissue.  The collagen peptide used in Skulpt is the patented Body Balance from the world leader in collagen peptides, Gelita, out of Germany and we're the first to bring their liquid collagen to the US.  This may bring up a good question for some of you.  We use US sourced ingredients unless there are premium ingredients that cannot be found in the US.



Max Pro BCAA

Branch Chain Amino Acids:

Max Pro BCAA is a versatile supplement in that if drank during a workout, it protects muscle and provides natural energy for long or intense workouts.  If drank later in the day, it accelerates recovery for a stronger next workout and gains.  Pro BCAA uses a bcaa ratio of 2:1:1 which is considered optimal.  The primary reason is this is the ratio that naturally occurs in foods, the ratio found in muscle tissue and the ratio supported by the majority of published scientific studies on the benefits of BCAA supplementation for muscle growth, energy and fat loss.  A single serving of Pro BCAA includes a huge 11.4g blend of BCAA's + Glutamine and comes in 6 great flavors plus unflavored.


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