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I came in to try vitacell because someone recommended it to me for overall health and disease prevention. I was surprised how good it tastes. It's made it a lot easier to take my vitamins! There are also a lot more vitamins and minerals in it than I would be able to take individually otherwise. I really appreciate their staff letting me try it in the store and how welcoming they were.

Merce P.

Max Muscle Westminster is a fantastic store for all of your supplement needs. The products are trusted and high quality without dangerous fillers found in other supplements. The owners Dawn and Scott are very well knowledged and will help you find the products to supplement you and your needs as an individual. They are always on top of the newest research and will help you along your health and fitness journey. Definitely recommend this store!!!

Amy W.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Max Muscle!!!! Can't say enough about the awesome products! Wide variety for whatever your needs are...Dawn and Scott are so knowledgeable and will help you with your fitness and health question!!!

Cindy H.

I started using a few Max Muscle products when a friend of mine made the switch. I started to feel better, less groggy, less weighed down and I decided to switch all my health supplements to Max's products. A few months later I found out that other companies do not FDA batch test what's in their supplements and that they sometimes do harm to clients so I was thrilled that I decided to switch already! Max Muscle's staff has been incredibly knowledgeable whenever I need help connecting one of my goals with an approach or product. They helped me gain 4lbs of muscle while losing 8 body fat percentages in 3 months!

Andi H.

I must say, with all the products on the market, their's both taste good and noticeably does the job. 10/10 The store is full of friendly people, and to think I never would have started using their products if it weren't for a few friends of mine who had a strong relation with the store. Far better than most companies. I always leave with exactly what I need and knowledge on the best products for me.

Michael H.

I absolutely loved working with the team here! I needed a stack built to help my husband reach is body building goals and had no idea where to even start. Andi helped get me in touch with Candice and we went from there. Candice is so knowledgeable and so willing to give me the information I needed. Scott was great too when Candice wasn't available when I decided to finally purchase my products. I got the perfect stack and was able to surprise my husband! Thanks guys! I will come back again and again (All the way from Greeley!)

Nyisha M.

Very excited to have received Vita-cell for Christmas. Our family resolution is to promote better health in the new year and Max Muscles's staff and nutritionists have been a huge asset in helping us approach that goal in an effective manner.

Merce S.

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Couldn't be happier with the stack recommended to me from @andibearco!! Not only did she really listen to my needs and make great recommendations but she took the time to explain the importance of purity and efficacy of the ingredients. She also included literature so I could review them as well. I've seen amazing results using my liquid carnitine and max CLA. Can't wait to order again!

Arlene G.

I have dealt with 3 different employees at my local MaxM store in Westminster, CO. Each interaction has been so professional, nice, educational, on and on.... I always have silly questions that other stores would scoff at. I'm new to the 'healthier lifestyle' routine, and at times it does get somewhat complicated. I have stopped consuming soda pop, among other things, and my health overall is getting better. My doctor had me implement additional vitamins and minerals that my existing Walmart multi-vitamin was lacking, and MaxM helped educated me and fill in the gaps. Thank you for the wonderful customer service. If allowed, I'll be a regular customer for a very long time. Best, Kurt D.

Kurt D.

Availability to very comprehensive nutritional information. Products available for your specific nutritional needs. Quality of products is excellent! Friendly and approachable, knowledgeable and accommodating owners!

Valerie E.B.

Very clean products, helpful professionals on staff. They helped me transform not only my body, but also my understanding of nutrition with their staff of certified nutritionists. I recommend the maxpro elite, and 2tx if you are trying to build muscle.

Jimi H.

Excellent customer service! I am new to fitness and health! Therefore, I was intimidated to walk into the store. However, I am glad I did! I learned so much and bought awesome products. I can not wait to see my results.

Jaynet P.

Really appreciate all the advice I get when I stop into this location. Their staff's guidance and encouragement helped me adopt effective healthy habits so I can get away from diets and fad workout plans and sustain a healthy life style.

Michael N.

The owners are always so great to talk to and are very knowledgeable in all the products sold! I love the products they provide and is aways a great experience whenever I go in there!!

Sarah D.

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