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Tom Bogan's journey to Triathlon

One year and 4 months ago I undertook a journey to change my life thru an extensive exercise program with a physical trainer and other professionals, including swim coaches, endurance trainers, health and nutrition councilors, and many other helpful enthusiastic people. This time was going to be very different. I embraced a whole new philosophy with changing my life and health. I was going to change the entire direction of my life, as I was done with watching my health and abilities deteriorate with the passing years. It was time for ME to change my direction in life. A burning desire to improve my health and fitness was lit that continues to burn intensely to this very day. I will NEVER go back to my old way of life. I have an entirely new pathway to blaze in my life.

Shortly after starting to work with my trainer Stephan Swanson, a physical trainer with extraordinary talent, I began searching for help with nutrition, diet and supplements. In conjunction with my new life, I dropped in to my local Max Muscle store in Longmont, CO and started a very important relationship with the talented professionals that are there to help people like me. The advice and recommendations they have provided have been instrumental in helping me to attain the top end results that I have experienced. I continue to work with Max Muscle to develop my potential and have no doubt that this journey is far from over. I have reaped tremendous results using several products from Max Muscle including MaxPro protein, Max ARM, Full Blown Extreme, Max Glutamine, Vit-Acell Liquid Multi Vitamin, Essential Omegas, and my favorite, 2TX Testosterone Booster. With their guidance on use of the products, I have been able to bring my performance to levels I could not have ever imagined. Max Muscle has been an important key ingredient in my success to this point. I will be continuing my relationship with the Max Longmont Team far into the future. My trainer has worked with me to develop a multitude of new physical abilities that I would never have thought possible. Weight training, endurance training, running, biking and boxing are all great ways that I now enjoy to stay in shape. Stephan taught me to walk on my hands for my 53rd birthday! After a couple months of prodding by my trainer, I agreed to try to learn how to swim for the first time in my life. Our eventual goal was to enter and complete a triathlon. I had a BIG HURDLE to clear on this one! Thru the winter I worked with the Longmont Masters swim program and recently broke through yet another barrier, swimming a continuous mile in April for the first time ever! I entered the Summer Open Triathlon on May 13th, 2013 and completed the event. It was one of the most remarkable accomplishments of my life. Several of my trainers, friends, family and supporters were there. I was so pleased to have completed the event. If this wasn’t enough, I was then completely overwhelmed when I was told by my triathlon coach, Tim Tracy, that I had managed to come in first in my age group! The day could not have possibly been any better for me and I am overwhelmed by all of the success that so many people share with me on this special day of my life. Max Muscle was an important part of my victory. Thank you all so much. I am so grateful to ALL of the people that contributed to make this possible. A great day for sure-but we now go on- and who knows where we will be going next? I for one can't wait to see what happens! Sincerely, from a Grateful Triathlete,

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