Sarah Depew's journey to Competition

My Name is Sarah Depew. I’m 27 years old and live in Denver, CO and would like to start off by saying that Max Muscle products rock!!! I have been using Max Muscle for over a year and have achieved some amazing results that I’m excited to share. I recently competed in my first bikini competition and used Max products throughout the long months of training & preparation. The key results of the hard work in getting to this goal are that I lost over 40lbs and now feel better than I ever have in my life. Prior to my focus on proper nutrition, I had never worked out or lived an active lifestyle. In fact, my early 20’s were spent eating what I wanted, when I wanted. As a result, I became more and more insecure over the years and felt self-conscious about the way I looked in my own skin. After seeing a few friends go through the training process for competitions, I finally decided that I wanted to go for it! My journey toward competition began in October of 2014 with a goal to be stage ready by April, 2015. Since my transformation and with continued focus on optimal health and fitness, I now feel better than I ever have mentally, physically and emotionally. I also now understand the difference (and importance) of living a “lifestyle” versus a “diet”. I have been beyond pleased with the way I feel when I look at myself and the strength I have built through this rewarding process. My favorite MM products are MaxPro, Essential Omegas, Lipo Red, MaxxTOR, Emerge and Pro BCAA’s. Thank you Max Muscle for providing me with the tools I need to create consistent habits for feeling great every day! Sarah Depew Denver, CO

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