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Maxpro Elite

Pure Whey Protein Blend:

Protein and timing is key in achieving optimal health and MaxPro Elite has been our best selling protein for over 20 years for several reasons.  For starters, it's a pure protein with 30 grams of protein in a scoop that's just 35g!  Most flavors are zero sugar.  MaxPro is also made up of 4 types of whey protein starting with isolate and ending with casein making it time released for long digestion.  All this makes it a versatile option for snacks between meals, post workout, turn it into a meal replacement or even cook with it.  Also, because it's long digesting and zero sugar, it's a perfect option to curve a nighttime craving.  Comes in 16 flavor and 2 sizes, 26 or 52 servings.   



Vit-Acell Multi Vitamin

Liquid Multi Vitamin for Maximum Absorption:

Cold and flu season has never been easier.  Vit-acell is a multi vitamin for the whole family.  In liquid form, absorption is near 100% compared to approximately 10% in capsule form.  Vit-acell has zero sugar, a long list of key vitamins and minerals, glucosamine for joint support, tastes great, and you get it all in just ounce a day.  Comes in 5 flavors including citrus blast, raspberry lemonade, chocolate strawberry, pina colada, and citrus breeze which is naturally sweetened with 1g of  sugar.  



Fish Oil

Omega 3 Liquid Fish Oil for Maximum Absorption:

If you’ve never tasted Fish Oil Swirl, we know what you’re thinking: there is no way you can make nutritional supplements - like fish oil - taste like dessert. But it’s not only possible, it’s delicious! Gone are the days of big, hard-to-swallow pills. Gone are the days of holding your nose so you can choke down a spoonful of bitter or fishy oil.  Fish oil swirls are emulsified utilizing a proprietary technology which turns standard fish oil into sweet, delicious smoothie-like supplements that taste like dessert. Last and most important, because absorption is 10 times better than softgels, the results are fast acting and amazing.  Whether it's heart health, brain function, joints, or hair, skin and nails, try it and understand the difference.  Great for the whole family.




Recovery Amino Acid:

Produced in the body naturally, Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle and is often depleted due to training, stress, and poor diet. Research indicates that active people often do not produce enough Glutamine within their liver to restore critical Glutamine levels within a reasonable time frame following training.  In hospitals, Glutamine is used for patients that have severe burns to speed recovery and prevent muscle wasting. Supplemental Glutamine can be utilized to repair trained muscles and support the natural production of human growth hormone, which is important to muscle recovery and gains. Glutamine can also support the immune system, and allow for more intense training. 


Max Power Greens

Powerhouse Greens & Fruit Blend Formula:

If you have difficulty getting your 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, then Max Power Greens is your answer. Max Power Greens is a comprehensive and proprietary blend of the most popular and healthy greens and fruits. There is virtually a treasure chest of phyto (plant) nutrients containing thousands of bioactive compounds to support optimal and protective cellular health, stimulates cleansing and promotes overall wellness.  A single serving of Max Power Greens has the approximate equivalent of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables!


Cleanse & Lean

Full Body Cleanse:

Cleanse & Lean is the #1 selling Max Muscle product and is a full body cleanse.  Cleansing is good to do quarterly or when starting a weight loss journey.  Many will also use the product when returning from a vacation and needing to get back on track.  C&L is typically used for 3 - 7 days at a time.  It includes a water shed blend along with a full on cleanse blend to flush out the toxins that build up in our system over time.  This is a great product for those who suffer from bloating and irregularity.  First day is a tolerance test starting with one capsule and another 8 - 12 hours later.  You may increase to 2 capsules two times starting day 2.  If trying for the first time, it's best to start this product on a weekend to gain understanding for how your body responds.



Anti Aging Liquid Collagen Protein:

Skulpt is truly an anti aging supplement.  If you think of amino acids being the bricks of our makeup, collagen is the cement.  It's the main structural protein in the body, the glue that holds us together and as we age, our bodies lose the ability to make collagen at about 1% per year starting in our 20's.  Collagen is key for our skin, hair, nails, joints, organs and connective tissue.  The collagen peptide used in Skulpt is the patented Body Balance from the world leader in collagen peptides, Gelita, out of Germany and we're the first to bring their liquid collagen to the US.  This may bring up a good question for some of you.  We use US sourced ingredients unless there are premium ingredients that cannot be found in the US.


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