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Weight Loss, Energy, Appetite Suppression:

Emerge is our most popular supplement in the weight loss category if you're ok with stimulate.  It's high fiber, low sugar, includes a host of active weight loss ingredients including the patented Advantra Z for boosting metabolism and 300mg of caffeine.  If more sensitive to caffeine, start with a half scoop or mix with more water.  This is simply one of your drinks during the day and is recommended not for use after 3PM.  Also, while not designed as a pre-workout, some will use as such if they have no issues with fiber. Comes in 16 amazing flavor!


Cleanse & Lean

Full Body Cleanse:

Cleanse & Lean is the #1 selling Max Muscle product and is a full body cleanse.  Cleansing is good to do quarterly or when starting a weight loss journey.  Many will also use the product when returning from a vacation and needing to get back on track.  C&L is typically used for 3 - 7 days at a time.  It includes a water shed blend along with a full on cleanse blend to flush out the toxins that build up in our system over time.  This is a great product for those who suffer from bloating and irregularity.  First day is a tolerance test starting with one capsule and another 8 - 12 hours later.  You may increase to 2 capsules two times starting day 2.  If trying for the first time, it's best to start this product on a weekend to gain understanding for how your body responds.



Pure Whey Protein Blend:

MaxPro Elite has been our best selling protein for over 20 years for several reasons.  For starters, it's a pure protein with 30 grams of protein in a scoop that's just 35g!  Most flavors are zero sugar.  MaxPro is also made up of 4 types of whey protein starting with isolate and ending with casein making it time released for long digestion.  All this makes it a versatile option for snacks between meals, post workout, turn it into a meal replacement or even cook with it.  Also, because it's long digesting and zero sugar, it's a perfect option to curve a nighttime craving.  Comes in 16 flavor and 2 sizes, 26 or 52 servings.   



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