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Check out our preferred partners and special offers.  If you're a small business and interested in learning more about cross promotion opportunities with Max Muscle of Westminster, simply contact us to get the conversation started.



MaxPro Elite has been our best selling protein for over 20 years for several reasons.  For starters, it's a pure protein with 30 grams of protein in a scoop that's just 35g!  Most flavors are zero sugar.  MaxPro is also made up of 4 types of whey protein starting with isolate and ending with casein making it time released for long digestion.  All this makes it a versatile option for snacks between meals, post workout, turn it into a meal replacement or even cook with it.  Also, because it's long digesting and zero sugar, it's a perfect option to curve a nighttime craving.  Comes in 16 flavor and 2 sizes, 26 or 52 servings.   



I LOVE KICKBOCKING - NORTHGLENN is a high intensity workout where no one gets hit, hurt, or made to feel bad!  We have every body type and we all have different goals and different skill levels. We cater to the entire community from our youngest member who is 13 years old to our oldest member who is 65 years young. During class, here's what you should expect.  First, we start class off with a flurry of awesome exercises like squats, lunges, jumping squats, double lunges, push-ups, crunches, burpees, and a ton more. You'll get an insane workout from head to toe, and burn more calories than you can count!  Now that your muscles are warmed up, it's time to stretch. This gives you a chance to catch your breath, drink some water, and get your muscles loose.  Next, it's time to strap on your gloves and start workin' the heavy bag! You'll learn fun, exciting combinations of punches and kicks, and get an amazing workout practicing them on the heavy bag. Release your stress, burn calories, and fight the fat! 




Max ARM is an all inclusive post workout recovery shake designed for longer or more intense workouts or  if simply feeling more run down from ongoing training.  It's a combination of several products to maximize recovery from those "tough" training sessions for even better future performance.  Key ingredients include 28 grams of protein, Max Pro BCAA's, the patented creatine blend CX3, a long list of vitamins and minerals, electrolytes and high in carbs to replace glycogen in muscles for repair.  Use it once and you'll understand.  Comes in 9 flavors.  



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